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Where Theory Meets Practice.

We offer the best Blended Learning experience to apply what you have learned.

Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.

What You Can Get

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Earn an official certificate of completion from world-renowned universities


Personalized letters of recommendation sent to the institutions of your choice at your request

Complete a real-world, hands-on research project and write a publishable paper

What Is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is the perfect combination of lecture-based and project-based learning.

Project-Based Learning

Helps deepen your knowledge and apply it to directly a variety of fields


Small Private Online Course

Develop a systematic view of the basics

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Join the Global Talent Community

Collaborate with innovative minds
Get your dream job
Pursue a degree internationally

From Our Community

Man in Denim Shirt

Mike V.  

Chief Engineer,Boeing

To me, accomplishment equates to job satisfaction. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able develop additive applications and work col...

Portrait Smirk

Tommy H.

John Hopkins, USA

Base SPOC is great for beginners, the lectures are easy to understand; PBL provides a great platform for students who want to learn more, and the weekly live sessions give me many insights into cutting-edge areas...

Beautiful Girl

Jean W.  

Beijing University, China

Base SPOC is a "special" surprise for me at a special time. Base SPOC lets me see a different learning mod. It lets me achieve a self-breakthrough, for me, it is undoubtedly significant...

Image by Ben Parker

Murali T.

DBA & Application Suport,NASDAQ

The course was easy to understand and had depth. All the concepts were clearly laid out and explained. This is the best course I have come across on this topic...

​Ready to Join us? 

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Earn an official certificate from a world class university


Gain interview opportunities from industry leading companies


Complete an intensive project and publish a paper


Enhance your profile and apply to your dream school

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